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Facts about Quartex


Established in 1980. We are the leading high volume manufacturer of Quartz Clock Movements in America. Our product line includes time-only, 12 or 24 hour quartz movements, reverse running movements, miniature stepper motors and chart drive motors.

We have continuously expanded and updated our manufacturing facility over the years. We have our own Molding Division to independently supply us with all the plastic parts for our movements. Today we operate 16 injection molding machines around the clock.


Inside of quartz movement

Our Standard Quartz Movement

Inside of our movement you will find that our gear train is encapsulated within another clear plastic case. This design keeps foreign matter out of the gears and guarantees years of trouble-free operation.

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Our manufacturing facility is completely automated. We are experienced in high volume assembly of small and miniature components. All of our units produced are automatically tested before being shipped. Our quality is one of the highest in the industry.

Assembly Machine


Quartex is a high volume producer; please see our retail distributor's web site KLOCKIT (www.klockit.com) for quantities under 100 units or call 800-556-2548.


For quantities above 100 units, please see our wholesale distributor's web site PRIMEX (www.primexusa.com) or call 800-544-0909.


Quartex Sales, PO Box 194, Lake Geneva, WI 53147 USA
Email: quartex@quartexusa.com

Fax: 262-248-8552